1. July 2014, Fuji XT1 35mm 1.4


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    Finally making new work. September 2014.

  3. August 2014 // Chicago // x100s


  4. August 2014 // Chicago // x100s


  6. Self-Portrait, x100s, August 2014


  7. Self-Portrait (in the creepiest bathroom known to mankind), August 2014


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    Today has been cancelled. Go back to bed.

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    2014 Las Vegas Trip, #10

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    Cecil in Flames (self-portrait)

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    From the ongoing personal project entitled ‘The Myth of Solace’ 

    As a fine art photographer I set out to create emotive and evocative images with an emphasis on natural lighting and the human form. When I am in engaged in creating self-portraits I aim to be as authentic and vulnerable as possible in front of the camera. Similarly, when I photograph others I attempt to reach a place of self-honesty with the person, and photographs flow organically from that process. As an artist I am interested in and moved by the sensuality of light, form and the power of authenticity. 




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    Test Shooting, March 2014

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    The Myth of Solace Test Shoot, April 2014

  14. Self-Portrait, July 2014


  15. NEW VIDEO & BLOG POST on Mark-Making, Healing & Photography

    Sometimes the things that hurt us don’t leave a mark. And sometimes we wish they had. We wish there was a scar to point to when we try to explain. 

    This is one of the ways in which I find photography to be very therapeutic. For those times when words fail and there is nothing to point to to explain how you felt. When it was as though you were punched in the gut but it didn’t leave a mark. How do we resolve the traumas for which the healing is completely unseen? And how do we explain to others?

    Although you can’t see it I’m still healing from this. 

    I find making images with my camera to be one of the best ways to expel invisible bruises. And the resulting photographs serve as channel markers in time. When I look back I know exactly how I felt, and I know how I’ve healed.